Still Shots

In photography, there are many different types of shots.  Today, I want to discuss shots of vehicles.  I’m sure there is some fancy name for these types of shots, but I’m keeping it simple by calling them vehicle shots.

One of my favorite vehicles to photograph is construction vehicles.  There is something about the inherent work that be accomplished with these vehicles that drives me to them.  Furthermore, the contrast between light and dark as well as the difference between the clean areas of the vehicle and the dirty often times create subtle yet amazing images.  Of course, my absolute favorite are the large construction vehicles that are the typical construction yellow color.  I also love the amazing garages they can be kept in.  Perhaps it is boys and their construction vehicles, or perhaps it is something else.  I surely do not know.

My next favorite class of vehicles to photograph is limousines.  Personally, I prefer the party bus shots, but any kind of lengthy vehicle will do.  For these vehicles the inside is much more fun to capture than the outside.  The outside is nice, but the inside is where all the action is.  This is especially true for the party buses.  These are typically filled with a vast array of lights that can change colors.  Combine this with the larger bar, larger windows, and stereo systems involved and you have one incredible vehicle.  Of course, you can not capture the sound of the stereo system in a photograph per say, but you can capture the essence of the system.  Most people know that when they see large speakers that they equate to large sound.  If you don’t then go find some large speakers and see how loud they go!

Regardless of the type of vehicle you choose, I believe you will find that capturing these in a photograph can be quite challenging, yet quite rewarding.  Give it try and when you are done post your new shots up here so we can all seem.