Types of Photography

The wonderful path of photography has many different avenues that can be taken.  Each one is unique from the others.  Each one also requires a different type of personality.  That is part of the beauty of photography!

Here are just a few of the different types of photography.


1.) Nature Photography

This type of photography focuses on what the eye sees as a whole.  It does not focus on one shrub, or bush, but rather the entire scene around you.

Nature Photography


2.) Wildlife Photography

This type of photography can be rather challenging.  To catch a wild animal on film can be difficult depending on the type of animal.  Some animals like to hide and others are just out there for you to see and capture on film.

Wildlife Photography


3.) Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography can be more difficult than one would believe.  It takes and amazing eye to catch just the right moments on the couples special day.  Plus, you have the added stress of wondering whether or not the bride and groom will like the photos you have taken.  Its not like you can go retake them!

Wedding Photography


4.) Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is considered to be a classic.  Obviously, at one point this was the only type of photography.  Today, it has morphed into an art that people use to be different from the traditional color photos.

Black and White Photography


5.) Time Lapse Photography

This is a relatively new type of photography.  The purpose is to capture motion.  With the advancements in digital technology this type of capture is much easier now than it was when it was discovered.

Time Lapse Photography


6.) Underwater Photography

Underwater photography requires special equipment in order to perform.  This is due to the fact that the equipment can’t get wet.

Underwater Photography


7.) Macro Photography

This type of photography involves capturing the smallest details on a subject.

Macro Photography


8.) Panoramic Photography

With the release of Apple’s new iPhone, panoramic photography has not only become easier, but much more common that it was before.

Panoramic Photography


I hope you all have enjoyed reading about these different types of photography.  There are many other types out there and perhaps I will go into some of them in another post.